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The Public Sector Excellence Awards celebrate outstanding performances and huge achievements of organisations and project teams in the New Zealand Public Sector, showcasing the significant contribution the wider public sector makes to meeting the needs of New Zealand and New Zealanders.  They recognise and promote excellence in terms of vision, innovation and results and encourage continuous improvement.

Nominations for the Deloitte IPANZ Public Sector Excellence Awards 2017 opened on 1 December 2016.

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Key Dates


Nominations Open

Nominations Close

Visual presentations due

Awards Function

1 December 2016

1 March 2017

17 May 2017

5 July 2017, TSB Arena

Nominations now open


Nominations are invited from organisations in the wider public sector that are current corporate members of IPANZ.  

Nominations must be submitted in the name of, and with the knowledge of, the Chief Executive of the organisation.

The following organisations in the wider public sector are eligible to nominate projects or initiatives for the Awards:

  1. Central government departments (public service departments and others)
  2. Local government authorities (including council-controlled organisations)
  3. Crown entities (including DHBs, CRIs and other Crown entity companies, but excluding Crown entity subsidiaries and School Boards of Trustees)
  4. Tertiary education institutions in the state sector (universities, polytechnics, wānanga)
  5. Offices of Parliament
  6. State-owned enterprises
  7. Public Finance Act Fourth Schedule organisations


Nominated projects should be current or completed in the last 12 months, and the organisation should demonstrate that it has delivered specific outcomes.

For further information on the Awards, please contact Sandra Julian via email

or phone 04 910 5473.